Rama Nama Mahima


Shri Bodendra Saraswati Swamigal while camping at Kanchipuram, went to Tirukokarnam for observing Chaturmasya Vrata. To some scholars, he was expounding sutra bhashya; so some he was expounding veda rahasyas and to some mandAdhikArIs, he was initiating into “rAma nAma”. Among them was one untouchable lady who asked the Swamigal if she could chant “rAma nAma” being an outcaste. Swamigal immediately with affectionate tone said that he would initiate her in “rAma mantram”. And saying so, initiated that untouchable lady into rAma mantra. This lead to repercussions among the orthodox scholars and started speaking ill of Swamigal saying that how an orthodox brahmin being a muttadhipati of Sankara Mutt could initiate an untouchable that too a lady into the mantra japa.

Swamigal didn’t care all this and left that place. After several years, again, Swamigal visited that same place for observance of Chaturmasya Vrata. The moment swamigal came to the village, the same untouchable lady, who became old by them, came to have the darshan of the saint and fell at his feet. On being asked by Swamigal about the progress in rAma mantra anushtAna, she said that she had already finished 1 crore of rAma nAma.

Saying so, she sat cross legged in padmasana posture, uttered rAma nAma with kumbhaka, held her breath, raised the kundalini and piercing all the 6 chakras alongwith Brahmarandhra at Sahasrara Chakra, shed her mortal coil. Her spirit left the body from Sahasrara thereby achieving Kapala Moksha.

Swamigal blessed her by performing the antya samskaras.


Blessed are such pious souls.


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  1. rama,rama,rama

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