Videos of Sri Kanchi Mahaswamigal Sadas at Rathnagiriswarar temple in Chennai January 18 – 22, 2007

January 18 – 22, 2007 At Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Besant Nagar Chennai

Swami Dayananda Saraswathi

BrahmaSri Nannilam Rajagopalan Ganapadigal eloquently lays out the contribution of Sri Maha Periyava in us being able to enjoy all these Vedhic insights from such great Gananigals.

Brahma Sri Seshadrinatha Sastrigal is an authority on Dharma Sastras and has been delivering lectures across the nation with VaidikaSri Rajagopalan Ganapadgal. His short but sharp observation and how H.H. Sri Maha Swamiji blessed him and respected the Sastras, should not be missed!

Brahma Sri Sathanoor Krishnamurthy Ganapadigal – He is a very famous vedic scholar from Maha Swamiji’s days and his scholastic talent can be seen from his talk. He also has spoken a few words in honoring some of the speakers present in this series.

Brahmasri Mullaivasal S Krishnamurthy Sastrigal

Bringi T Venkatarama Sastrigal

Dr. Mahadevan – This young Ayurvedic doctor shares the experience of his Guru Ayurvedic Dr. Vaithyanathan with Sri Maha Swamiji. This talented doctor has mastered Sanskrit, Vedas and Ayurveda Medicine. His eloquent speech quoting Vedas and Slokas is highly remarkable and the mention about how his Guru’s Kataksham has changed him from an ordinary person to an Ayurvedic Doctor is simply superb. The explanation of Ayurveda will impress everybody as he explains very meticulously the importance and procedures.

Sri Umapathy Sivacharyar explains speaks about the Agama Sastra and H.H. Sri Maha Swamiji’s knowledge on Agama Sastras, in this interesting speech.

Chandrasekara Sthapathi

Muthaya Sthapathy

Tatwamasi Dikshith
Dr. Tatvamasi Dixit – “Is there anything that he does not know or has not read?” That is what you will feel when you hear his speech about Vedas, Ayurveda, Modern medicine, religion, Sastras etc.. Sri Sathanoor Ganapadigal’s praise about Dr. Dixit should not be missed out! You have watched Dr. Mahadevan in the earlier release, you will watch Dr. Dixit in this one and wait for the next release for their joint participation in the Q & A session for many of your doubts on medicine, sastras, etc.

Jabalpur Sri Nagaraja Sarma – Sarmaji found the cave in Narmada banks in which Sri Adi Sankara met His Guru Sri Govinda Bhagavad Pada. He narrates his experiences on this connected with Maha Swamiji and Kanchi Forum got a copy of the article he wrote about this in a Deepavali Malar and the same has been loaded in a separate link. Even though in the article he didn’t mention why Maha Swamiji asked Sarmaji to make so many trips around many caves before finding out the right one, Sarmaji was kind enough in sharing the same in the Sadas. This was not only so emotional but it makes us to feel how Blessed Sarmaji is. Kanchi Forum thanks Sarmaji for sharing this point in the Sadas.

Dr. S. Kalyanaraman – The world famous surgeon is an ardent devotee and his family is connected with the Sri Matam for generations. The viewers will be having a good time by listening to his experiences with Maha Swamiji and His knowledge on Medicine. However the classic one is about the doctor seeking Maha Swamiji’s permission when he wanted to visit abroad for the first time and what Maha Swamiji told him when he came back from the trip and was looking for Prayachittam. Through this, Maha Swamiji has sent a very strong message to everyone of His Devotees, as almost all the families in India would be having atleast one person who had crossed the ocean. Dr. Kalyanaraman shares how Maha Swamiji quoted by giving reference from Ramayanam. This was not widely known to public otherwise and Kanchi Forum thanks Dr. Kalyanaraman for sharing this point in public.

Dr. Veezhinathan – shares lot of his experiences with Maha Swamiji and clears the misconception about the great poet Kalidas. Maha Swamiji’s analysis about the poet makes us to feel how H.H. had taken pains to clear the misconception and how H.H. respects the poets. The speech will be a very motivating and inspiring one for many of us.

TN Sheshagopalan

TS Chari
Devotees would be emotionally charged on hearing Sri T.S. Chari Mama’s (that is how he is affectionately called by many musicians for almost three generations) speech of how Sri Maha Swamiji blessed this Sri Vaishnavite devotee and his family a few decades back. H.H. later graced Sri Chari mama to get interacted with all the prominent musicians over the last 40 years or so in promoting the music and the musicians and to bless them.

TAFE Ganesan

Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas – Dr Mythili

Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas – Sri CL Ramakrishnan


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