Useful Hindu spiritual sites/blogs for learning on the net.

If you are a spiritual seeker (Asthika) following Sanatana Dharma , these web sites might come in handy for you.
Excellent resource to find tons of bhajans, namasankeerthanam audio, discourses, upanyasams, vedanta talks and many more.
Excellent discourses in samskritham, tamil, hindi, telugu and english. Dont miss Swami Paramarthananda’s Sandhyavandanam audio lecture in this site.
Excellent resource to find structured teaching by Swami Dayananda Saraswathi’s “Arsha Vidya” teaching tradition of Advaitha Vedanta.This site also has authentic Vedic chants from Kalancheri, TN Veda Pata Shaala.
Textual transcript of Swami Paramarthananda’s “Introduction to Vedanta”. Swami Paramarthananda is a great vedanta teacher and sanyasi from Arshya Vidya Parampara. This site has the very introduction to the Vedanta which will answer many questions most Hindus have. Questions like “What is the varna system” , “Why we must follow Dharma”. If one really wants to learn about Hinduism , you must read this with patience. The basics.



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