Tamil and Telugu New year – Interesting information.

Tamil New year Nandana Varsha – Phala Sruthi – General Nature of the year.

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You may be aware that the beginning of a new year (month) is marked by the movement of Surya Bhagavan (Sun God) fron One Rasi to Another Rasi. As per the Tamil Panchangam (Almanac) Surya enters Mesha Rasi from Meena Rasi on this day (i.e. on April 13th, 2012).

According to the Jyotisha sastra (the science of astrology) every year has a name, and the name for the year which takes birth today isNandana. The following sloka indicates Phala surti (the prediction of outcomes) for this Nandana Year.

आनन्ददा धरा नित्यं प्रजाभ्य: फल संचयै :
नन्दनाभ्दे श्व हानि: स्यात् कोश धान्य विनाश कृत् !!

ஆனந்ததா தரா நித்யம் பிரஜாப்ய: பல சஞ்சயை :
நந்தனாப்தே (அ)ஸ்வ ஹாநி: ஸ்யாத் கோஸ தான்ய வினாசக்ருத் !!

As per this Vaakyam, this year will see abundant production and availability of fruits, flowers, and grains for all living beings throughout the dharaa (universe). Satisfactory rainfall is also predicted.

It goes on to say that everyone on this earth will have a life filled with aanandam (happpiness), and forecasts a generally happy and prosperous 12-month period.

Only concern, this sloka says, that aswaas, vehicles will have bad time and because of vehicles (of all types) others also may have the little impact. The Nava Naayagargal, Raja, Mandiri, Arkaadhipathi, Sasyaadhipathi, Senaadhipathi, Rasaadhipathi, Dhaanyaadhipathi, Meghadhipathi and Neerasadhipathi, of this Nandana new year too, according to Panchangam, endorses this version in general.

Telugu New year information for this year

Nandana Samvatsara ( Lunar Calendar Year) – The 26th Yugaadi Cycle starting on 23 Mar 2012

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About Yugaadi:

1. Yugaadi is made of two words from Samskrutham Yuga (= Paired together) + Aadi ( Commencement, Beginning). ThusYugaadi means a reckoning point at which there was a pairing, a union in the Beginning for a Commencement of TIME CYCLE set in endless circular motion. Traditional schools set this beginning point as the start of the ‘Brahma-Kalpa’- the onset of cosmic creation.

2. Yugaadi – Wheels of Time (Samvatsara Chakra :Annual time cycles) within Major Cosmic Time wheels (- Kaala-Chakra) : Within this ‘Brahma-Kalpa’ smaller cycles are reckoned. The Chatur-yuga cycle ( four Yugas); Within this the Seven Manu ‘s cycles; Sub cycles within this ; the land-anchored human cycles linked to Royal patronages et al. The commencement of current ‘Nandana’ Yugaadi in the current Kaliyuga sub cycle, is on Gregorian calendar date 23 Mar 2012.

3. Nandana -Yugaadi – is the 26th yugaadi in the smaller sub-cycle of lunar calendar of sixty years cyclicity. The First of the 60 year cycle is called Prabhava (= Excellence of Commencement) and the last 60th one is called ‘Akshaya'(= The endless infinity). This cycle continues repetitively.

4. Akshaya Truteeyaa of Nanadana Yugaadi ( and All Yugaadi’s) – Akshaya means Inexhaustible, Infinite, Perennial, Eternal. Truteeyaa means the ‘Third’.

The third day of each Yugaadi commencement is considered most auspicious. Traders believe that investments (especially gold purchase !) made on this day will be growing very fast. Traditional Families do the worship of ‘Gauri’- the goddess of auspiciousness.



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