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May 30, 2012

Inspiring Speech in Samskritham – Padma Kumar ji

Here is a short , inspiring and funny speech in Samskritham by Sri Padma Kumar ji

@ Yamunothri Samskritham Camp at Austin Texas by Samskritha Bharathi on May 2012.

Sri Padma Kumar ji , a full time volunteer for Samskritha Bharathi. His humbleness inspite of his knowledge is inspirational.

Donot worry if you donot know Samskritham fully, most people who can understand Hindi and most tamil people can understand this speech.
( I did too ! , given my ignorance of samskritham)

Inline image 1

In Part 1 , he speaks about the uniqueness of Samskritham and how smart our ancesters were in living simple lives with high values.

In Part 2 , through funny stories, he talks about how much we do not know our own identity and culture and how Samsritham is so easy to learn.

In Part 3 , through examples, he talks about how samskritham is inherent in our Indian psyche and how to get started on it.

If someone can volunteer to write a transcript of this inspiring speech and share it with me and everyone, that will be great.


May 13, 2012

The History Of Hindu India – Free online book – A must read to know your Hindu Identity.

A book for kids, teenagers, parents and teachers, the history of today’s Hindus, one-sixth of our human race, extends back beyond recorded history.

While the text is written for sixth grade social studies classes in US schools, it is also suitable for high school classes. It has even been used in college course work, due to its refreshingly accurate, terse but comprehensive presentation of the world’s most ancient faith.

Most of Hindu history found in Indian school textbooks were influenced by biased british views and anti-Hindu point of views. This misleads most of the Hindus in India and gives a false sense of their identity.

The idea behind this publication is to show Hindu history for adults and kids with ample pictures and illustration from knowledgeable authors and authentic resources.

Chapter 1 : Hinduism from Ancient Times

Chapter 2 : Hindu India – 300 CE to 1100 CE

Chapter 3: Hinduism Endures – 1100 to 1850 CE

Chapter 4: India as a colony – 1850 to 1947 CE

Chapter 5 : Twenty First Century India – 1947 – 2010 CE


Download all pdfs for free from Hinduism Today website here. It has more information about this book.

If you want to buy this book , click here

Hope you find it useful