Inspiring Speech in Samskritham – Padma Kumar ji

Here is a short , inspiring and funny speech in Samskritham by Sri Padma Kumar ji

@ Yamunothri Samskritham Camp at Austin Texas by Samskritha Bharathi on May 2012.

Sri Padma Kumar ji , a full time volunteer for Samskritha Bharathi. His humbleness inspite of his knowledge is inspirational.

Donot worry if you donot know Samskritham fully, most people who can understand Hindi and most tamil people can understand this speech.
( I did too ! , given my ignorance of samskritham)

Inline image 1

In Part 1 , he speaks about the uniqueness of Samskritham and how smart our ancesters were in living simple lives with high values.

In Part 2 , through funny stories, he talks about how much we do not know our own identity and culture and how Samsritham is so easy to learn.

In Part 3 , through examples, he talks about how samskritham is inherent in our Indian psyche and how to get started on it.

If someone can volunteer to write a transcript of this inspiring speech and share it with me and everyone, that will be great.



One Comment to “Inspiring Speech in Samskritham – Padma Kumar ji”

  1. Very interesting to listen to him in SANSKRIT. The story of a lion cub and the big lion noted in these youtube clips was told by Shri. Guruji in one of his boudhhik(speech) in rss shakha(drills). Instead of lion he used Tiger. It is compiled in the book BUNCH OF THOUGHTS that contains many speeches rendered by Shri Guruji (M S Golwalkar). every Hindu should read this book and one will get immense knowledge. I don’t know if it is translated into other indian languages. i am sure it is available apart from english in hindi, kannada and telugu.

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