Meaning behind the word “Yoga”. Astaanga Yoga and Vedanta – A Comparison.

This chart will help us to understand the term "Yoga" as envisoned by Sage Pathanjali.
The following chart is a comparison of Ashtanga Yoga & Vedanta.

"Yujyate Sādhyena Saha Sādhakaha Yena Saha Sādhanā"

The word Yoga means -"that which links the Sādhaka and the Sādhyam – the seeker and the sought".

Yoga is derived from the root Yuj – to combine or unite. Unite the Sādhaka and Sādhyam.

The following chart explains the eight limbs of "Yoga" and the today’s modern Yoga refers mostly to the third limb which is "Asana".

Attached is the pdf of the above chart.

Ashtanga Yoga.pdf

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