How to Wear a Pancha Kachcham

The pancha kachcham (panja kacham or kacham) is a form of wearing the dhoti, typically worn by grihasthas (men who are married) on special occassions such as poojas or festivals. It is typically a 8 or 9 yard dhoti worn in a specific woven way.

Due to western spell we have forgotten our tradition, which is visible in all walks of our culture.

The attire worn by our forefathers which is most suitable for the weather conditions in our region is Dhothi.

How to Wear a Pancha Kachcham

Wear a Pancha Kachcham

The pancha kachcham (panja kacham or kacham) is a form of wearing the dhoti, typically worn by grihasthas (Brahmin men who are married) on special occasions such as Pujas or festivals and some orthodox persons daily, during their routine Puja times. It is typically a dhoti of eight to ten square yards (according to the height and girth of the person) worn in a specific way. The steps below describe the way as according to Iyers (South Indian Brahmins).

Edit Steps

Main and important thing is that pancha kachcham should be weared by those who got married .Not a bachelor (It’s not like a jeans or other dresses)

  1. Open the 8 or 9 hands (4 – 4.5 yards )dhoti completely.
  2. Hold the dhoti such that you are right down the center of the dhoti (lengthwise). Both the ends should be free and you should be holding the dhoti such that there is enough dhoti to go around you just once.
  3. Wrap it around you once (as shown) keeping the wrap a little tight at the stomach portion.

    fold inwards at least a couple times to hold it firmly around your waist

  4. Fold the dhoti a few times so that the it is held firmly at your hip.
  5. Take the end that is on top (typically should be the one to your left); Starting from the end, slowly make folds of about 2 inches each (kosuval).

    fold slowly and smooth the folds - the smoother the better

  6. Insert the folds into the wrap around the hip (as shown).

  7. Take the breadth portion of the top fold and starting from the end (so that the border coloring is visible), make similar folds (as shown).

    start from the border - ensure its visibility

  8. Insert this second set of folds on top of the previous one (as shown).

  9. Take the other free end of the dhoti, starting breadthwise, make similar folds.

  10. Run this between your legs and bring it behind you (as shown).

  11. Ensure that the folds are not twisted.

  12. Insert the new set of folds behind your back (as shown).

  13. Check that the kachcham looks like this .


2 Comments to “How to Wear a Pancha Kachcham”

  1. dear sir, is there any special reason for wearing panchakacham. if so kindly let me know the reasons for wearing pancha kacham.

    • Namaskaram , panchakancham is our traditional attire those days. It is much easier to wear than regular veshti and is much easier to walk and drive on a two wheeler too. Somehow the tradition got lost since brahmins got introduced to phants aand shirt with british officers.

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