SOME POINTS on UPANAYANA – Excerpts from the ‘Upanayana’ chapter from the book THE GREAT HINDU TRADITION

(Excerpts from the ‘Upanayana’ chapter from the book THE GREAT HINDU TRADITION. This book was released by Swami Dayananda Saraswati at Chennai. This book has chapters on Vedas, Rituals, Sastras, and Hundreds of FAQs on our culture and anushtanams)

Upanayana should not be postponed for silly reasons. Recently I
came across a family who had postponed their third son’s

upanayana as they had been told that three Brahmacharis should
not live at a time in a house. This is incorrect.

Similarly in another peculiar case, the boy’s Bahamopadesa was
postponed because the position of boy’s planets according to his

horoscope were not conducive. This is also not acceptable. It is
against Dharma Sastras to postpone upanayana on any such

After performance of his upanayana a person should compulsorily

do Sandhyavandana. Dharma sastra is categorical on this point:
it clearly says that a Brahmin who does not do Sandhyavandana
is impure and unfit for any Vedic karma. This is the pivotal karma.
People who complain of not having time to do the full

It should be understood that there is no alternative to
Sandhyavandana. Going to a temple or attending a bhajan or any
other form of devotion does not exempt one from
Sandhyavandana. Bhakti marga is truly great, but cannot be in

lieu of this key karma.

Look at the different facets of this simple and beautiful ritual:
• It is an upasana
• It is a Yoga
• It is a dhyana
• It is one sure way of viewing one’s own soul
• It has great health benefits

• It can lead to prosperity
• It is a prayer for the well-being of the whole world
• It is a nitya karma


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