Quote From Kanchi Mahaswami on Sun and Shadow

Quote From Kanchi Mahaswami on Sun and Shadow

“If we walk facing the sun, shadow will follow you without you even knowing about it.

We should have a goal that is prescribed by the shasthras. If we follow the goal (you walk towards the sun), money & status will follow you (like shadow without leaving you even if you donot want it).

Instead if you turnaround and follow the shadow, you are walking against the sun .You will never be able to catch the shadow and the shadow will eventually leave you, just like money and status will leave you after some time.

What is the point of turning away from Sun, (the noble goals prescribed by Shasthras) and going behind shadow (money & status) “

Please forgive if there is an error in translation


Dr Veezhinathan talks about Mahaperiyava (3 minutes in tamil)



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