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January 25, 2013

MustRead – True lies of Sushil Kumar Shinde – S Gurumurthy – Indian Express

Must read facts from S Gurumurthy on Current Home minister’s absurd accusations on Hindus and HIndu organizations. Please share it with your psuedo-secular-minority-appeasing friends.

True lies of Sushil Kumar Shinde
By S Gurumurthy 24th January 2013 07:04 AM

“The RSS and the BJP were behind the Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid and Malegaon blasts,” declared Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde on January 20, 2013, adding that the training camps run by the RSS and BJP were promoting ‘Hindu terrorism’. A day after Shinde’s declaration, Hafiz Saeed, leader of the LeT, the Pakistan-based Islamist terrorist outfit, called for a ban on the RSS. So Shinde is the witness for the LeT to accuse the RSS of terror. Now look at the evidence, first the blast onboard the Samjhauta Express from Pakistan in which 68 persons were killed.

LeT Culprit, say UN, US

“Qasmani Arif…chief coordinator of the relations of the [LeT] with other organisations…has worked with Lashkar-e-Tayyiba to facilitate terrorist attacks including…the bombing of February 2007 in the Samjhauta Express in Panipat (India).” This is what resolution [No 1267] of the Committee on Sanctions of the United Nations Security Council [UNSC] dated 29.6.2009 declares. Adding that Qasmani was funded by Dawood Ibrahim and he did the fundraising for the LeT and the al-Qaida, the UNSC said, “In exchange for their support, al-Qaida provided support staff for the February 2007 bombing of the Samjhauta Express in Panipat.” This resolution is available on the UN site. Two days later, on July 1, 2009, the United States Treasury Department said in its press release: “Arif Qasmani has worked with the LeT to facilitate terrorist attacks, including…Samjota Express bombing.” The US named four Pakistanis, including Arif Qasmani as terrorists, under Executive Order No 13224. This press release is still on the US Treasury site. The United Nations Security Council and the US Treasury Department thus named the LeT, Qasmani and Dawood Ibrahim as accused in Samjhauta terror. This is just the beginning of the torrent of evidence pointing to the LeT and Pakistan.

Pakistan Minister’s Confession

Six months after the UN and US announced sanctions against the LeT and Qasmani, Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Mallik himself admitted that Pakistani terrorists were involved in the Samjhauta blast, but with a rider that “some Pakistan-based Islamists had been hired by Lt Col Purohit to carry out the Samjhauta Express attack.” [India Today Online 24.1.2010]

Headley Involved in Samjhauta — US Probe

Not just the UN. Or the US Treasury. Or just the admission of Pakistan’s Interior Minister. Independent investigation in the US revealed more. Some 10 months later, Sebastian Rotella, a US journalist, wrote in his investigative report titled ‘U.S. agencies were forewarned about suspect in 2008 Mumbai bombings’, that Faiza Outalha, the third wife of David Coleman Headley had confessed [in 2008, which was made public in 2010] that Headley was involved in the Samjhauta blast. Rotella added that Faiza felt that “she had been innocently used” in the Samjhauta terror. [The Washington Post 5.11.2010] A while later, in a follow up investigation, Sebastian Rotella disclosed in April 2008 that Faiza returned to the embassy in Islamabad with the tip about the 2008 Mumbai blast when she again linked him to the Samjhauta blast.

Rotella commented that though India and the US blamed the attack on Lashkar, the US authorities had not implicated Headley in that still-unsolved attack, however.[The Washington Post 14.11.2010] So, independent, neutral probe in the US also pointed to Pakistan and the LeT in Samjhauta blast.

Narco Test Pointed to SIMI Role

Even at the start of the Samjhauta investigation in 2007, the evidence clearly pointed to the role of the Students Islamic Movement of India [SIMI] and the LeT. India Today [19.9.2008] in its report titled ‘Pak hand in Mumbai train blasts, Samjhauta Express blasts, says Nagori’ gave meticulous account of the involvement of the LeT and Pakistan in the Samjhauta terror. The report was based on narco test testimonies of SIMI leaders. India Today said that the narcotic tests were carried out on general secretary of SIMI, Safdar Nagori; his brother Kamruddin Nagori and Amil Parvez in Bangalore in April 2007, three months after the Samjhauta blast; the results of the narco test of the SIMI leaders were available with the magazine; it revealed that SIMI activists had executed the Samjhauta blast, with the help of the Pakistani nationals from across the border; while Nagori was not directly involved, two members of SIMI, Ehtesham Siddiqui and Nasir, were directly involved; SIMI members, including Nagori’s brother Kamaruddin, were involved in the Samjhatua blast; for executing the Samjhauta blast, the Pakistanis had purchased the suitcase cover from Kataria Market in Indore and one of the members from SIMI had helped the Pakistanis to get the suitcase cover stitched. Investigation had established that in the Samjhauta blast, five bombs packed in suitcases and activated by timer switches were used.

Conspiracy by Maharashtra Police?

Why were these clinching pieces of evidence not pursued? How the blame shifted from the Islamists to the Hindus? Some elements in the Maharashtra Police appears to have colluded in linking the 2008 Malegaon blast to the Samjhauta blast. When leads were thus pointing to Pakistan and SIMI as partners in the Samjhauta blast, in November 2008, as an anti-climax, the Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squad [ATS] shockingly told the Special Court through the public prosecutor that Col Purohit allegedly involved in the Malegaon blast in which RDX was used, had supplied RDX for the Samjhauta blast though one ‘Bhagwan’. [The Indian Express 15.11.2008] Within the next 48 hours, [17.11.2008] India Today online refuted the ATS claim saying that Samjhauta investigators had told India Today that a study of the blast by the National Security Guard(NSG) said that no RDX, but Potassium Chlorate and Sulphur, had been used as explosives. The magazine also recalled that immediately after the blasts, then Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil told the media that not RDX, but, a ‘new type of explosive’ had been used to bomb the Samjhauta Express. On that very day [17.11.2008] the ATS counsel retracted the statement he had made earlier involving Col Purohit in the Samjhauta blast. [The Hindu dt19.11.2008]. But the damage was done in the 48 hours. Immediately, Pakistan said that it would raise the issue of Purohit’s involvement in Samjhauta at the Secretary-level meeting on November 25, 2008. Finally on January 20, 2009, the Maharashtra ATS officially denied that Col Purohit had supplied RDX for Samjhauta. This was how the Samjhauta focus — later the blame — shifted from the LeT and the SIMI to Purohit and via Purohit on to Saffron. The Maharashtra ATS’ attempt to link Malegaon 2008 to Samjhauta, which shifted the focus away from the LeT on to Purohit, needs to be probed particularly given Dawood Ibrahim’s deep influence on Maharashtra Police.

If Shinde is telling the truth, then the United Nations Security Council and the US Treasury Department are fabricating charges against Qasmani, Dawood and the LeT; Faiza Outallah and The Washington Post are telling lies to fix the LeT and Pakistan; the SIMI officials’ narco evidence is fabricated; and Rehman Mallik’s confession about Pakistani involvement is false. Can it be more ridiculous?

It is clearly the lies of Shinde, the vote bank politician versus all neutral evidence. If this was how the Samjhauta probe was perverted, in the Malegaon 2006 blast the Maharashtra ATS has filed a chargesheet where the SIMI cadre had confessed to their role in the blast. But the CBI is procuring confessions to exonerate them and implicate others, Hindus in the case.

So Malegaon 2006, is becoming a case of confession vs confession! In Malegaon 2008 blasts, Col Purohit and his associates have been charged and the evidence submitted in the Court shows that the accused in the Malegaon 2008 case were planning to assassinate RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and Indresh Kumar for taking money from the ISI! [Outlook 19.7.2010] How could the RSS which is the target of the conspiracy itself be the conspirator? Does Shinde know what he is talking?

QED: Shinde now has a good companion in his mission against the RSS in Hafeez Saeed, boss of the global terror outfit LeT. Can a Home Minister tell more deadly lies against his own country’s interests, all for just a few million votes?

S Gurumurthy is a well-known commentator on political and economic issues.

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January 18, 2013

Vedic Way To Victory !! New Year Message by Swami Paramarthananda ji

Vedic Way To Victory !!
New Year Message by Swami Paramarthananda ji

First of all I wish you a happy, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year.

In our tradition we are supposed to get up early in the morning and offer our prayers to the Lord is one very important and significant prayer for mornings. This is the well-known “Kara Krava Lakshmi”, “Kara Madhya Saraswati” and “Kara Moola Gauri” – Prabatha Kara Darshanam.

Look at your hands for Lakshmi resides in the tip of the hand, in the middle there is Saraswati, and at the end is “Durga” or “Gauri”. When you look at the hands don’t look at the lines remembering palmistry but pray to Durga/Lakshmi/ Saraswati. One needs to remember and invoke the grace of all these three deities.


Durga Lakshmi & Saraswathi

There are two reasons to worship Durga Lakshmi & Saraswathi:

1.They are the spouses or consorts of the three murthis (Brahma/Vishnu/ Shiva)
2.These deities represent three very important Shaktis or powers (Resources).

Durga Devi represents our health especially important as we are growing old.
Lakshmi Devi represents wealth for when health is lost you will realize the importance of wealth in the form of expensive medical bills.
Saraswati Devi represents wisdom or knowledge.
These three basic resources are required by every one of us: health, wealth, and knowledge.

When we have them we don’t know their value and take them for granted. Only when we are deprived of any one of them we discover the value of that particular resource. Therefore all the three are equally important.

When we are sick we think that health is most important. In poverty we feel that wealth is the most important. So which of the three is deprived we conclude that is most vital for living. Actually there is no pecking order and if we give weightage each would score 33.33%!

Health, wealth, and knowledge are necessary for survival, for success in our ventures, and life itself. Hence Sastras recommend that we remember these three resources every day.


  1. In our tradition we talk of two navaratris – one is called Vasanta (Spring) Navaratri and another is Sarada (Autumn) Navaratri.
  2. During navaratri we exclusively worship Durga for three days, Lakshmi for three days, and Saraswati for three days. We invoke the grace of these three shaktis then what follows? The tenth day is called “Vijayadasami” or victory.
  3. The Vedic way of victory is Shakti Samyam – all the three resources must be there and they must be in balance. Otherwise life will be a failure. Therefore let us start the New Year by invoking these deities and every day too.

The scriptures say that we must ask for two types of favours from each deity

  1. Two types of health
  2. Two types of wealth
  3. Two types of knowledge.

What are the two types of health we must pray from Durga Devi?


  1. One is the physical health which is extremely important and second is the mental health. Our modern lifestyle is such that we are neglecting Durga Devi. All the magazines talk of “lifestyle diseases”. Our very lifestyle is the cause of diseases. These are due to improper lifestyle – our eating habits are wrong, sleeping habits are wrong, and working habits are wrong. They reveal that we are disrespecting Durga Devi.
  2. One morning prayers states: In Brahma Muhuratham one must not sleep. Sleeping in this time will deplete one’s punyam and produce pappam. For this sin one must do praichittam. Even before New Year eve people attend all night parties, drink all kinds of things, and don’t even see the New Year sunrise (lifestyle disease). Even there is an English proverb that talks about the virtues of rising early: Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy.
  3. When you rise early you get the blessings of Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. We are violating all health habits (eating, sleeping, and working habits are wrong because we don’t enjoy our work).
  4. There is too much pressure and stress. Work place has become a field of war due to increased competition. I have to outperform all my competitors; there is pressure and lot of aggression. Working places resemble war zones and when we come home it is like Ashoka coming from a Kalinga war. Therefore mental stress is a major problem of modern day living.
  5. Continuous stress reduces the immunity of a person and that invites all kinds of diseases. A person may be chronologically 40 years but ravaged by constant stress the body ages to 60.
  6. A man squanders his health initially working for wealth. Then he squanders his earned wealth in search of health! And ultimately loses both.
  7. In Sanskrit there is a humourous verse – O doctor, my namaskarams to you for you are the elder brother of Yama dharmaraja. Why elder? Yama only takes life while the doctor takes both the life and money and say,” Operation was successful but the patient died”.
  8. So Durga Devi is so important and one must pray every day to HER for physical as well as mental health.

What are the two types of wealth we must pray from Lakshmi Devi?


  1. One is the outer wealth in the form of money, gold, shares, real estate etc and the other is contentment. In the Vedic jargon wealth is reduced to “gold and land” to signify every kind of wealth.
  2. Swami Dayananda says that we call it real estate for we ourselves have a doubt. Like ever silver is never silver!!! We have to invoke Lakshmi Devi for without external wealth we cannot conduct life. We respect money without which survival is not possible. Even a sanyasi requires wealth in the form of food, clothing, and shelter.
  3. Vedas state that we should not stop with the desire for external wealth; internal wealth is just as important – inner wealth in the form of contentment or tripti. If Tripti or contentment is not there we will face several problems. Then desire for external wealth will not be balanced for without contentment desires will escalate. Desires by themselves are harmless but unknowingly “Kama” will be converted into Lobah or Greed. Kama (desire for wealth) is one of the four purusharthas but it needs to be balanced with contentment.
  4. Modern lifestyle provides a conducive environment for GREED. Every manufacturer is promoting greed for his products through advertising. There is an advertisement you might have seen.
  5. A child is asking mom that for pongal it wants a I-pad or Laptop and not some boring toys. The media drives this acquisition and greed in society. If we are not careful we will fall under the trap of greed.
  6. The first consequence of greed is running after Lakshmi Devi and ignore the other two deities which disturbs the “shakti or resource balance”. Instead of “Shakti Samyam” Lakshmi will become predominant and unbalanced life will have disastrous consequences.
  7. Greed will pressurize the mind to become more and more aggressive, and more violent. The value of Ahimsa is thrown to the winds. I shout at everybody as they don’t keep up with me. I work with constant pressure and aggression. Greed will also force a person to compromise with dharmic values too like Indian politicians.
  8. First the “shakti imbalance” and the second “the loss of dharma” will obstruct success in our life especially spiritual success. Thirdly when there is greed, there is competition and cut throat philosophy.
  9. Some will become more and more rich while most would become poor. There will be few “haves” and many “have nots” and the widening disparity will increase the crime rate. We can never live in contentment for fear of burglary, chain snatching, or even murder. The headline “Old couple murdered” is getting regular and our children are not around.
  10. Greed creates a lot of stress. The world has enough for human need but world does not have enough for human greed. If humanity is in the grip of greed then the natural resources would be exploited more. We are abusing nature and it is already turning violent on us. These environmental/ecological imbalances will affect the next generations and they will not have enough even for an ordinary life.
  11. Greed causes problems both at the micro and macro level because of individual greed, family greed, corporate greed, national greed. In fact recession is caused from corporate greed. They are promoting more and more loans and credit cards (acquire more and greed is promoted!!!). In our parent’s generation the word loan was fraught with shame while now we wear it as a crown (bhushanam)!
  12. We are so caught up with external wealth that we forget the internal wealth of contentment (tripti). Veda says that whatever you earn legitimately one must be contented without comparing with neighbours or falling for New Year discount sales! Therefore we must pray to Lakshmi Devi to extend wealth to include contentment too.
  13. We don’t appreciate the value of contentment for we wrongly think that our level of enjoyment would come down. This is a serious misconception and delusion born out of greed.
  14. Our Sastra take great pains to remove this misconception: If external wealth is the source of joy then internal wealth of contentment is as much a source of joy if not greater.
  15. In Traittreya Upanishad this important message is given graphically. They have divided external wealth into ten levels.
  16. Let us imagine a man acquiring more wealth and goes from level 1 to level 2. Let us take another wise man who progresses in contentment levels from level 1 to level 2 (contentment is also divided into ten levels parallelly) .
  17. Traittreya Upanishad states the second person who progresses on the contentment scale has hundred times more joy than the person who finds happiness in material acquisition.
  18. Let’s say at level -10 a Ambani or Bill Gates and take a wise man sitting under a tree without bank balance, without laptop, without I-pad, without television, without home theatre, without home itself. He’s joy is hundred times more than the richest man on earth.
  19. So when you pray for Lakshmi Devi every day include external wealth and also internal wealth.

What are the two types of knowledge we must pray from Saraswati Devi?


Then there is another important deity, “Saraswati”. From Saraswati Devi we have to seek two types of knowledge.

One knowledge is material knowledge given by material sciences; science and technology being developed in thousands of laboratories all over the world. They are trying to corner the external world with better set-up; better houses, better gadgets and everything better and better. Conquering the external world and manipulating the set-up which is called Apara Vidya.

The Para Vidya is spiritual sciences represented by our scriptures which are designed to change our internal mindset.

  1. Material sciences are used to adjust the external set-up to suit our likes and dislikes. While spiritual knowledge is to change our mindset. This is extremely important for however advanced material sciences maybe we can never be totally in control of the external set-up.
  2. Go to Pondicherry and see the havoc played by the cyclones! The external set-up is uncontrollable, unpredictable, and unsustainable and we will have to face unfavourable professional situations, we will have to face unfavourable family situations, unfavourable personal situations according to our karma. We have to face unfavourable set-up either temporary or face them lifelong.
  3. The doctor will say, “You will have to live with it” for there are many genetic diseases for which there are no remedies. In such a situation material sciences will throw their hands in despair. When we cannot adjust the set-up it has become a choiceless situation then you will have to adjust the mind. Our mindset and perspectives must be adjusted such that it cushioned and protected from the external unfavourable situations.
  4. Like wearing a cooling glass in hot sun that protects the eyes but when things cannot be changed externally we must know how to adjust the mind. That is why our Sastra make a difference between spiritual ignorance and spiritual knowledge.
  5. An ignorant mind is like a convex lens that magnifies any external unfavourable situation. The doctor only says there should be an investigation and the mind begins to dread the worst.
  6. The mind is always is insecure, always in panic and exaggerates every little difficulty. Spiritual ignorance exaggerates every choiceless situation. In contrast spiritual knowledge is one that makes a person face even the most unfavourable situation with an appropriate attitude.
  7. Lord Krishna in the Gita presents two techniques to deal with any problem: Karma yoga and Jnana yoga.
  8. Material sciences teach how to adjust the world while spiritual sciences alone will tell us how to adjust the mind. Mental adjustments are necessary when we are facing choiceless situations. There are certain situations that have no remedy and at that time you need spiritual knowledge to cope with your situation. Therefore pray to Sarawati for both types of knowledge.

So on this auspicious new year let us invoke the grace of Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati for two types of health, physical and mental; two types of wealth, physical and contentment; two types of knowledge, material sciences and spiritual knowledge.

Let this prayer be on behalf of ourselves, our families and the entire world.

January 10, 2013


Hindu Demographics

From 1,700 people in 1900, the Hindu population in America grew to approximately 387,000 by 1980 and 1.1 million in 1997.

As of 2008, the estimated U.S. population of Hindus of Indian origin is approximately 2.29 million (mainly of Indian and Indo-Caribbean descent).

Click here to download Hinduism Today’s analysis on the US Hindu population.

Estimates are that there may also be as many as 1 million practicing American Hindus, not of Indian origin, in the U.S.

Click here to download Hinduism Today’s world map of the Hindu diaspora.


Hindus are the most affluent andmost educated immigrant community in the United States.The comparison chart below illustrates this in detail. Figures in percentages unless otherwise noted.

Asian Indian
Chinese Filipinos Japanese Koreans Vietnamese
Not Proficient in English

0.7 0.8 30.3 8.4 31.3 7 10 32.9 40.4
Less than High School 15.3 29.1 48.5 12.6 23.6 13.1 9.5 13.8 37.8
College Degree 25.3 13.6 9.9 64.4 46.3 42.8 40.8 43.6 13.8
Advanced Degree 3 1.2 1.6 12.5 8.5 4.3 4.6 5.6 2.5
Median Personal Income $23,640 $16,300 $14,400 $26,000 $20,000 $23,000 $26,000 $16,300 $16,000
Median Family Income $48,500 $33,300 $36,000 $69,470 $58,300 $65,400 $61,630 $48,500 $51,500
Living in Poverty 9.4 24.9 21.4 8.2 13.1 6.9 8.6 15.5 13.8
Public Assistance 1.3 4.5 3.5 0.9 1.8 1.6 0.9 1.6 4.8
Homeowner 78.2 54.4 52.4 56.8 65.7 67.6 70.8 51.9 60
In Labor Force 63.6 59.8 61.5 71 65.1 68.3 58 62 63.5
High Skill Occupation 21.4 12.3 9.6 51.6 41.9 29.7 32 27 22.6


Business Creation $200 Billion in Market Value
Percentage of Silicon Valley Startups 40%
Number Employed 20,000-30,000
Number of Physicians 38,000
Number of Medical Students & Residents 12,000
Hindu Americans in Science and Technology Account for < 1% (0.5%) of the U.S. population, but more than 5 % of Scientists, Engineers and Software Specialists in the U.S.
Hospitality Sector – Ownership Own 35% of total real estate
Hospitality Sector – Market Value $40 billion
Hospitality Sector – Number Employed 850,000
Estimated Global Population (World) 930 million
Estimated Population (Outside India) 20 – 22 million
Estimated Income (Outside India) $300 – $400 billion
Estimated GDP (Outside India) $1 trillion
Estimated GDP per Capita (Outside India) $50,000