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October 21, 2013

Deivathin Kural Phone Sathsangh – Every Saturday 10am to11am Central Time USA.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara !

About Deivathin Kural

Deivathin Kural (Voice of God/Hindu Dharma) is a compilation of teachings from Shri Kanchi Mahaswami (Maha Periyava) compiled by Shri R Ganapathi. Deivathi Kural is a priceless gem that contains the quintessence of the Vedas and Dharma Shastras explained to common layman in an easily understandable language.

Deivathi Kural is an in-depth material on various aspects covering Advaitham, Religion, Vedhic Religion, Common Dharmas, Society, Culture, Politics, The Path of Karma, Bhakthi, Devatha Murthis and Avatara Purushas . It is indeed an excellent source material to get answers for questions on Hinduism with the authority of the Mahaswami.

English translation of Deivathin Kural is available at and this thapas blog here.

About Deivathin Kural Phone Sathsangh: It is a phone based sathsangh where Deivathin Kural book is read over a conference call at USA time. While listening, one can also read the chapter that is read from website side by side.

This sathsangh was started this back in 2009 with Sri Periyava’s grace.If you know about Deivathin Kural and donot have the time to “read” it every week, this phone sathsangh is a great place to “listen” to Deivathin Kural.

When: Every Saturday, 10am to – 11am Central Time USA

Language: Tamil

How : Conference Dial-in Number : 661-673-8600 Participant Access Code : 669430#

Which volume is currently being read in the sathsang ?

This book contains 7 volumes and runs to more than 5000 pages. Currently we’re reading the 5th volume . We are reading chapters that are not there in the website — so you will have to just listen in after you dial-in unless you have the hard copy of the book. Once we get back to the chapters available on the website, you can open the website and follow-along.

More Info: If you want to attend the sathsangh, please email Balaji Srinivasan at  so that the co-ordinators can plan the conference call capacity.


Hari Ramasubbu