Avani Avittam – 2015

Avani Avittam 2015.

Here are couple of links for resourses related to Avani avittam.


Many documents in one location regarding Avani Avittam 2015. Thanks to K Raman ji for compiling this.




This year’s Avani Avittam is slated on

Rig veda avani avittam – 28 Aug 2015

Yajur veda avani avittam – 29 Aug 2015

Sama veda avani avittam – 15 Sept 2015

Gayatri Japam for Rig and Yajur – 30 Aug 2015

I tried to compile as much on Avani avittam and uploaded. These can be downloaded, shared and viewed too on line.


You are free to share the above link.

Just one file is attached.​

Greetings and best wishes.​



One Comment to “Avani Avittam – 2015”

  1. Reblogged this on Sage of Kanchi and commented:
    Thanks Hari and Raman mama for the timely post….Let us take an additional sankalpam on this auspicious day that we all will start Sunday sahasra Gayathri japam….

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