Sampradaya Bhajan – Book – PDF – In Tamil

What is Sampradaya Bhajana or Dakhshina Bharatha Sampradaya Bhajana? It is the tradition of Bhajans in India and as the name suggests particularly in South India. It’s the collection of Kirtanas and Namavalis in specific order. Mainly the order has been evolved by Sri Marudhanallur Sadguru Swamigal, Sri Pudukottai Gopala Krishna Bhagavathar.

The trinity of gurus as far as Sampradaya Bhajans are considered 1. Bodhendra Swamigal 2. Sridhara Ayyaval 3. Marudhanallur Sadguru Swamigal. The sampradaya bhajana paddhati has mainly evolved due to the tradition and efforts of Marudhanallur Sadguru Swamigal.

The bhajans are typically rendered in the following order:

  1. Dhyana Slokam
  2. Sangraha Thodaya Mangalam (Thotakam – Beginning with a praise, Mangalam – End)Thodaya Mangalam is different from Thotaka Ashtakam of ADI SANKARA
  3. Guru Dhyanam
  4. Guru Abhangs
  5. Sadhu Keertanas (hymns on Sadhus and sants. It can be abhangs also)
  6. Jayadeva Ashtapadi
  7. Narayana Teertha Krishna leela Tharangini

Here is a book in tamil that has has most of the krithis that is sung during a pracheena sampradaya bhajan.

Download/View this book —

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