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December 4, 2013

Mathur: Samskritham Village in Karnataka

Mathur, a culturally rich village on the banks of the river Tunga in Karnataka.
Villagers use Sanskrit here for their day to day conversation and not just during poojas.

It is one of the two villages in India where Sanskrit is the official language. The villagers speak a dialect called Sanketi, which is a mixture of Sanskrit, Tamil and Kannada. It has no written script.

There is a village paatashala, which teaches chanting of Vedas in the traditional way, especially Krishna Yajur Veda along with other ritualistic rites from Bodhayana sutras and Aabhasthamba sutras. Other rituals for yagnas are conducted for learning purposes.

An example of their brilliance was seen when they told about this famous verse from Bodhayana Sutra of the Shulba Sutra (around 4000 BC) in Mathematics, ‘Deergachatursasyaa akshanyaa rajjuh: Paarsvamanischa Thiryakmani cha. Yatpruthagbhute kuruthasthatubayam karoti.’ It is nothing but a Pythogaras’ theorem stated in Shulba Sutras, 1000 years before Pythogoras wrote it.

Venkatesh avadhaani( a sanyasi, whose knowledge of Sanskrit is amazing) explained it by drawing a rectangle and a diagonal with a chalk on the floor of his house and showed how these Sanskrit words state that the area of the square on one side of the diagonal is equal to the area of the sum of squares on the side and base of that rectangle.

A Japanese gentleman has been attending the classes for the last couple of years, learning and writing advanced Vedic scriptures.

Here is a video from Mathur Village where the villagers converse in Samskrtham.

Sankethis are Smartha Braahmanas who are descendants of Vadama Iyers who migrated to Karnataka 1000 years ago. One group from shencottai  and from other parts of tamilnadu. Musician R K Srikantan, violinist R K Venkatramasastri,  Shriramkumar, veena R K Surnarayana . You find a good concentration near Mysore, Hassan etc in Karnataka.
 Sankethis also pray to Narmada Nadi during Sandhya Vandana just like Vadamas as they come from Narmada River Valley.
 Sankethi can be written in Kannada Lipi. Sankethi is a language that is jaathi specific, ie, there are no non-Braahmana Sankethis.
More information about Sankethi’s are available here

Source: Facebook – Untold Story Of India

September 22, 2012

All India Radio News in Samskritham to your Inbox – 5 mins every day.

Quick 5 minute news from All India Radio News in Samskritham, for people who are interested in it.

You can also subscribe to the google groups (link given below). You will recieve one mail everyday with two mp3 attachments(5 mins each).

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May 30, 2012

Inspiring Speech in Samskritham – Padma Kumar ji

Here is a short , inspiring and funny speech in Samskritham by Sri Padma Kumar ji

@ Yamunothri Samskritham Camp at Austin Texas by Samskritha Bharathi on May 2012.

Sri Padma Kumar ji , a full time volunteer for Samskritha Bharathi. His humbleness inspite of his knowledge is inspirational.

Donot worry if you donot know Samskritham fully, most people who can understand Hindi and most tamil people can understand this speech.
( I did too ! , given my ignorance of samskritham)

Inline image 1

In Part 1 , he speaks about the uniqueness of Samskritham and how smart our ancesters were in living simple lives with high values.

In Part 2 , through funny stories, he talks about how much we do not know our own identity and culture and how Samsritham is so easy to learn.

In Part 3 , through examples, he talks about how samskritham is inherent in our Indian psyche and how to get started on it.

If someone can volunteer to write a transcript of this inspiring speech and share it with me and everyone, that will be great.